Why Jamiel?

Jamiel Andre Shaw, II, (Jas), was a very talented Athlete at Los Angeles High School. He was clearly on his way to College and to the NFL!

We believe Jas was murdered because of the color of his skin. It was a hate crime! Jas did NOT have a criminal record. Jas was not in a gang database. Jas was NEVER detained by ANY Law Enforcement Officer or any School Police. Jas was innocent and he still is! He was an American citizen and he didn't deserve to be murdered!!!! Especially, by an illegal alien gangbanger who should never of been in the United States of America! The defendant was negligently released from jail 24 hours before he murdered Jas. The family of Jamiel Shaw II, will continue to stand for His Justice!!

What would you do if your love one was murdered and you later found out that the defendant who murdered your love one was in the Country illegally?

In addition, you found out that the defendant was also in custody by Law Enforcement and negligently released back into the community 24 hours before he murdered your love one!

What would you do if this happened to you? Email your response to JamielsLaw@live.com

financially and/or mail funds directly to the Jamiel's Law Committee account.

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323.275.4758 - Information Line.