Jamiel's Life
In a matter of minutes, the American Dream ended. Jamiel was a happy teenager! He is loved by so many!! He had a smile that could light up your heart. Jamiel was only 17 years old when his life was suddenly taken.

The morning Jamiel was murdered, he participated in an invitational only weekend football training program. This program prepares top high school football players for college football. In addition, it helps prepare the young players for a possible career in the NFL.

Jamiel's Law
On March 2, 2008, Jamiel Shaw, II, was murdered! Weeks after Jamielís murder, Walter Moore, a lawyer and a former Mayoral Candidate of Los Angeles, wrote Jamielís Law.

Jamielís Law will target gang members living in the City of Los Angeles illegally. Eventually, Jamielís Law will cover every city and every state in the United States of America. The only people who should be afraid of Jamielís Law are the illegal alien gangs.

Why Jamiel?
We believe Jas was murdered because of the color of his skin. Many Hispanic gangs and illegal alien hispanic gangs, have targeted black people in the City and the County of Los Angeles. According to LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, (regarding a known illegal alien gang), "In certain cases some murders were just purely motivated on killing a black person."

When enforced, Jamiel's Law will help protect the United States of America!

financially and/or mail funds directly to the Jamiel's Law Committee account.

The mailing address for the account is:


323.275.4758 - Information Line.